Have A Look!

The Competition Dates for 2022 so far finalised by organiser Phil King can now be seen on the Competition News section of this website

To mark its 90th anniversary, the League aims to use the greens of founder members clubs like Trench, Horsehay and St Georges

Saturday 30th July is the big day on the calendar – Senior Merit finals day – when £125 from a new sponsorship package from Shropshire Vertidrain & Turf Services will be added to the prize fund

New eligibility rules for the Senior Merit and changing the Harris Cup to a five home-five away team knockout will be up for approval at a League executive meeting on Tuesday 5th April

And two bits of news from the BCGBA – the insurance portal for the renewal of Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance will go live from Friday 1st April.  The renewal period for 2022 will be from 1st May to 31st December. 

And the updated membership forms (CR1/CR2) are now available to download for the completion of your club details and confirmation of your club members.

 These forms should be returned to your County Register.  You can access the insurance portal and download the membership forms via the Membership link on the BCGBA website.