Heat Alert

A red extreme heat warning has now been issued for Monday 18th July when the temperature is forecast to still be higher than 30c at 7pm.

And as the League has a duty of care to its bowlers, the officers feel it would be sensible idea for clubs to be given special dispensation to be allowed to postpone their fixtures in divisions 4-5-6 on that night.

In fact, given the likely conditions, member clubs have been contacted direct by email and actively encouraged to call off their matches, letting their opponents know (and the League) and then re-arranging them within a 28 day period.

Should any fixture go ahead on Monday, those teams taking part are urged to have fluids available all around the green and let bowlers take a break in the shade from playing a game whenever they feel the need.

But the best advice has got to be to re-arrange Monday’s matches so that everyone stays safe.