Cup Time!

Wednesday 25th May is preliminary round night in the Harris Cup – now 5 home-5 away – and also first round evening in the Ashton Cup for Monday division teams thanks to a perfect 16 entries.

The full draws for that night are:

Harris Cup – Prelim Round on Weds 25/05/22
1SJ Bayley (+2)    Allscott Heath (+12)AtSJB
1Allscot Heath (+12)    SJ Bayley (+2)AtAllscott
2Shifnal (+17)    Hadley USC (+1)AtShifnal
2Hadley USC (+1)    Shifnal (+17)AtHUSC
3Horsehay (+7)    Newport (Premier, -31)AtHorsehay
3Newport (Premier, -31)    Horsehay (+7)AtNewport
4Wrock Wood (Premier, -28)    Bylet (Premier, -25)AtWrock Wd
4Bylet (Premier, -25)    Wrock Wood (Premier, -28)AtBylet
Ashton Cup – First Round on Weds 25/05/22
1Wrock Wood D(+22)    Charlton B(+16)AtWrock Wood D
1Charlton B(+16)    Wrock Wood D(+22)AtCharlton B
2Newport C(+1)    Much Wenlock B(+11)AtNewport C
2Much Wenlock B(+11)    Newport C(+1)AtMuch Wenlock B
3Hadley U S C B(+21)    St. George’s D(+29)AtH U S C B
3St. George’s D(+29)    Hadley U S C B(+21)AtSt. George’s D
4Trench C(+8)    Sinclair C(+10)AtTrench C
4Sinclair C(+10)    Trench C(+8)AtSinclair C
5Madeley CC C(+4)    Shifnal C(+7)AtMadeley CC C
5Shifnal C(+7)    Madeley CC C(+4)AtShifnal C
6Horsehay C(+17)    Wrock Wood CAtHorsehay C
6Wrock Wood C    Horsehay C(+17)AtWrock Wood C
7Allscott Heath C(+1)    Bowring C(+12)AtAllscott Heath C
7Bowring C(+12)    Allscott Heath C(+1)AtBowring C
8St Georges C(+5)    SJ Bayley C(+2)AtSt Georges C
8SJ Bayley C(+2)    St Georges C(+5)AtSJ Bayley C