Don’t Miss It

The 2022 AGM has all the makings of being one of the most important meetings in the League’s 90-year history.

There are crucial votes to be made and new officers to elect on Tuesday 8th March at Wellington’s Sir John Bayley Club, starting at 7pm.

Delegates will have the final say on whether Friday night fixtures this year stay at 12-a-side or become 10-a-side – and then if  registered 8s are cut to 6s to give more flexibility and if bowlers are allowed to double up in matches.

A straw poll taken at the League’s February meeting by the 19 clubs represented showed that the players per team vote at the AGM is likely to be very close – and with one vote per club and the majority deciding, attendance on Tuesday will be vital.

Following the votes at the AGM, clubs will have until midnight on Saturday 12th March, to inform the fixture secretary who succeeds Ric Hudson how many teams they will be entering on Fridays, Mondays and in the Dennis Lewis Thursday Division.

And it looks likely that another vote will be needed to decide who takes over the fixtures with Bylet stalwart John Palmer keen to follow his late father Jim into a key role with the League, while current minutes secretary Rob Burroughs and county delegate Martin Gaut are making a joint bid.

Former fixture secretary and chairman Steve Wall is willing to stand as vice-chairman as Dave Evans stands down, the Trench man having played a key role in working out a budget for the 2021 Covid-curtailed season which ended with the League making a £436 profit.


1  Chairman’s opening address – followed by Apologies & In Memoria

2  Minutes of the 2021 AGM

3  Matters arising

4  President’s Report

5  General Secretary’s Report

5  Treasurer’s Report (accounts circulated with agenda)

6  Auditor’s Observations

7  Fixture Secretary’s Report

8  Competition Secretary’s Report

9  Proposals for Rule Changes (see pages 3 to 7)

10 Honoraria for 2022 – any increase to be based on CPI in September and approved at October executive

11 Election of Officers (see page 2)

12 Any Other Business – at the discretion of the chairman 

Note: Each club is entitled to one vote. All decisions shall be by a simple majority. Clubs not represented at the AGM will be fined £5 as per Management rule 6 (e).


Due to issues with availability of all 3 recipients – Keith Pessall, Angela Gaut and Colin Rudrum – this ceremony will be held after the October executive meeting. And all 3 have been kept updated.