Mid Shropshire Merit Qualifying Preview

77 players aim for the 16 qualifying spaces across four venues tonight starting at 6.30 p.m.

Last year’s winner John Breeze is in the field again as he looks to defend his title. Sinclair have the most entries in the competition with 16 which features previous Division One Averages winner Harry Church, former Merit winner Stuart Church, and Over 60s Merit Champion Pete Spragg, as well as recent Under 25 Merit winner Jordan Millman and Under 18 Merit Champion Dan Corbett. Former winners Paul Reeves, Les Mumford, Roy Bradburn and Paul Beer all take part as they aim to win it for a second time. Shfinal also have a large number entered as Staffordshire players Darrell Handley and Tim Benton enter for the first time, as well as the returning Rob Steventon. There are several women looking to become the first lady winner of this competition including Isle of Man winner Helen Clee and recent Bayley Mixed Double winner Lisa Pessall.

Scratch time is 6.30 p.m. and no dress code applies.

Thank you to all four people who are running tonight’s sessions, it is much appreciated!

Sinclair (20 entries)

I/C John Clarke

Steve Bishton *Bowring
Daniel Brentnall *Allscott Heath
Owen CherringtonWrockwardine Wood
John Clarke **Wrockwardine Wood
Rob Clarke **Wrockwardine Wood
Martin CoddCastlefields
Mark Doodson **Bowring
Carleen Doody – Millington *Trench
Akeel Duncan *Allscott Heath
Karl LawMadeley CC
John Lawrence *Donnington Wood BC
Chris Lodge *Madeley CC
Nick Marshall *Bowring
Peter Millington *Trench
Andy Morgan *Shifnal
Les Mumford **Madeley CC
Les Pritchard ***Allscott Heath
Paul Reeves *Shifnal
Robert Steventon **Shifnal
Mark Worthington *Donnington Wood BC

Trench (19 entries)

I/C Dave Evans

Paul Beer *Shifnal
Graham BleakleySinclair
Harry Church *Sinclair
Stuart Church *Sinclair
Louise Cotton **Wrockwardine Wood
Jonathan Davies **Shifnal
Steve Downs *Wrockwardine Wood
Ian Evans *Madeley CC
Darren Fielding **Sinclair
Tony Garmson **Wrockwardine Wood
Simon Hall **Sinclair
Dean HeighwayBowring
David James **Shifnal
Kevin Lavelle *Madeley CC
Darren Lord *Sinclair
Lee Parton **Bowring
Tony Roche *SJ Bayley
Ian Sturdy *Bylet
Alex Turnbull *Bowring

Shifnal (19 entries)

I/C Helen Clee

Roy Bradburn **St Georges B.C.
Helen CleeWrockwardine Wood
Daniel CorbettSinclair
Dave EvansEdgmond
Allan Gaut **Wrockwardine Wood
Alasdair JarvisTrench
Phil Jones *Wrockwardine Wood
Jon Lea *Edgmond
Simon Madeley *Sinclair
Jamie MillmanSinclair
Jordan Millman **Sinclair
Nick Mullinder *Hadley USC
Lisa Pessall *Trench
Dave Price **Hadley USC
Ann RawlinsBowring
John RawlinsBowring
Georgia Rawlins ***Bowring
Matthew Rhodes *St Georges B.C.
Peter Spragg *Sinclair

No Results Available Yet

Martin BeddowHighley
Tim Benton *Shifnal
John BreezeNewport
Kevin Carter *Broseley
Chris Gill ****Newport
Darrell Handley *Shifnal
James OHara **Sinclair
Will OHara **Sinclair
Shavorne Osbourne *Trench
John Potter *Sinclair
Matthew Pritchard *Broseley
Richard ScaneSinclair
Sian Skelton *Wrockwardine Wood
Karen Smith *Bowring
Kate Wainwright *Bowring
Ollie WallWrockwardine Wood
David Wall ***Newport
Pauline WilsonShifnal

Edgmond (18 entries)

I/C Sarah Glenholmes

Martin BeddowHighley
Tim Benton *Shifnal
John BreezeNewport
Kevin Carter *Broseley
Chris Gill ****Newport
Darrell Handley *Shifnal
James OHara **Sinclair
Will OHara **Sinclair
Shavorne Osbourne *Trench
John Potter *Sinclair
Matthew Pritchard *Broseley
Richard ScaneSinclair
Sian Skelton *Wrockwardine Wood
Karen Smith *Bowring
Kate Wainwright *Bowring
Ollie WallWrockwardine Wood
David Wall ***Newport
Pauline WilsonShifnal

Ashton Cup Entries by Friday

The deadline for the entries to the Ashton Cup is end of this Friday.

The list of entries is below, we have 20 so far, the same as last season.

Entry costs £10.

Teams who lose their first match go into the Ashton Shield.

The dates for the competition are below.

Ashton Cup (Entries by 17th May)

Prelim 5th June

Last 16 26th June

Last 8 24th July

Last 4 21st August                 

Final 31st August

Ashton Shield

Prelim 10th July

Last 8 24th July

Last 4 21st August                 

Final 31st August

Allscott Heath C
Allscott Heath E
Bowring C
Bylet B
Donn Wood B
Donn Wood C
Horsehay B
Madeley CC C
Much Wenlock B
Newport D
Shifnal C
Shifnal D
Sinclair C
St Georges C
St Georges D
SJ Bayley C
SJ Bayley D
Trench C

Over 60s Merit on Saturday

The Over 60s Merit is on Saturday 18th May at Sir John Bayley bottom green at 2 p.m.

Anyone who is registered with a Mid Shropshire club can enter.

Home players can enter but give away 2 and the jack each game.’

You need to be over 60 at the time of the competition.

Entry is £3 but is invoiced later in the season.

There is no dress code in force.

Entries can be taken on the day before 2 p.m. or can be given to Rob Burroughs on 07901 229623 beforehand.

Senior Merit Qualifying Fields

Please find below the fields for the 2024 Mid Shropshire Senior Merit qualifiers on Friday 17th May with scratch at 6.30 p.m.

There are four qualifiers from each green for finals night on Friday 28th June at a two green venue at 6.30 p.m.

There is no dress code.

If you are not able to make it then please let Rob Burroughs know on 07901 229623.


1Steve BishtonBowring
2Daniel BrentnallAllscott Heath
3Owen CherringtonWrockwardine Wood
4Rob ClarkeWrockwardine Wood
5John ClarkeWrockwardine Wood
6Martin CoddCastlefields
7Mark DoodsonBowring
8Carleen Doody – MillingtonTrench
9Akeel DuncanAllscott Heath
10Karl LawMadeley CC
11John LawrenceDonnington Wood BC
12Chris LodgeMadeley CC
13Nick MarshallBowring
14Peter MillingtonTrench
15Andy MorganShifnal
16Les MumfordMadeley CC
17Les PritchardAllscott Heath
18Paul ReevesShifnal
19Robert SteventonShifnal
20Mark WorthingtonDonnington Wood BC


1Paul BeerShifnal
2Graham BleakleySinclair
3Harry ChurchSinclair
4Stuart ChurchSinclair
5David ClaytonHorsehay
6Louise CottonWrockwardine Wood
7Jonathan DaviesShifnal
8Steve DownsWrockwardine Wood
9Ian EvansMadeley CC
10Darren FieldingSinclair
11Tony GarmsonWrockwardine Wood
12Simon HallSinclair
13David JamesShifnal
14Kevin LavelleMadeley CC
15Darren LordSinclair
16Lee PartonBowring
17Tony RocheSJ Bayley
18Ian SturdyBylet
19Alex TurnbullBowring


I/C – Helen Clee

1Anthony AldridgeMaddocks
2Roy BradburnSt Georges B.C.
3Helen CleeWrockwardine Wood
4Daniel CorbettSinclair
5Dave EvansEdgmond
6Allan GautWrockwardine Wood
7Alasdair JarvisTrench
8Phil JonesWrockwardine Wood
9Jon LeaEdgmond
10Simon MadeleySinclair
11Jamie MillmanSinclair
12Jordan MillmanSinclair
13Nick MullinderHadley USC
14Lisa PessallTrench
15Dave PriceHadley USC
16Ann RawlinsBowring
17John RawlinsBowring
18Georgia RawlinsBowring
19Matthew RhodesSt Georges B.C.
20Peter SpraggSinclair


1Martin BeddowHighley
2Tim BentonShifnal
3John BreezeNewport
4Kevin CarterBroseley
5Chris GillNewport
6Darrell HandleyShifnal
7Yvonne NeedhamSinclair
8Will OHaraSinclair
9James OHaraSinclair
10Paul OsbourneTrench
11Shavorne OsbourneTrench
12John PotterSinclair
13Matthew PritchardBroseley
14Richard ScaneSinclair
15Sian SkeltonWrockwardine Wood
16Karen SmithBowring
17Kate WainwrightBowring
18Ollie WallWrockwardine Wood
19David WallNewport
20Pauline WilsonShifnal

Mid Shropshire Senior Merit Entries

Please find below the 80 entries for the Mid Shropshire Merit.

The four greens that we are using are Sinclair, Edgmond, Trench and Shifnal with 20 players on each.

If there are any volunteers to run these four qualifying sessions please let me know.

I will release the fields tomorrow evening.

1Anthony AldridgeMaddocks
2Martin BeddowHighley
3Paul BeerShifnal
4Tim BentonShifnal
5Steve BishtonBowring
6Graham BleakleyMadeley CC
7Roy BradburnSt Georges B.C.
8John BreezeNewport
9Daniel BrentnallAllscott Heath
10Kevin CarterBroseley
11Owen CherringtonWrockwardine Wood
12Harry ChurchSinclair
13Stuart ChurchSinclair
14Rob ClarkeWrockwardine Wood
15John ClarkeWrockwardine Wood
16David ClaytonHorsehay
17Helen CleeWrockwardine Wood
18Martin CoddCastlefields
19Daniel CorbettSinclair
20Louise CottonWrockwardine Wood
21Jonathan DaviesShifnal
22Mark DoodsonBowring
23Carleen Doody – MillingtonTrench
24Steve DownsWrockwardine Wood
25Akeel DuncanAllscott Heath
26Dave EvansEdgmond
27Ian EvansMadeley CC
28Darren FieldingSinclair
29Tony GarmsonWrockwardine Wood
30Allan GautWrockwardine Wood
31Chris GillNewport
32Simon HallSinclair
33Darrell HandleyShifnal
34David JamesShifnal
35Alasdair JarvisTrench
36Phil JonesWrockwardine Wood
37Kevin LavelleMadeley CC
38Karl LawMadeley CC
39John LawrenceDonnington Wood BC
40Jon LeaEdgmond
41Chris LodgeMadeley CC
42Darren LordSinclair
43Simon MadeleySinclair
44Nick MarshallBowring
45Peter MillingtonTrench
46Jamie MillmanSinclair
47Jordan MillmanSinclair
48Andy MorganShifnal
49Nick MullinderHadley USC
50Les MumfordMadeley CC
51Yvonne NeedhamSinclair
52Greg NeedhamSinclair
53James OHaraSinclair
54Will OHaraSinclair
55Paul OsbourneTrench
56Shavorne OsbourneTrench
57Lee PartonBowring
58Lisa PessallTrench
59John PotterSinclair
60Dave PriceHadley USC
61Matthew PritchardBroseley
62Ann RawlinsBowring
63John RawlinsBowring
64Georgia RawlinsBowring
65Paul ReevesShifnal
66Matthew RhodesSt Georges B.C.
67Tony RocheSJ Bayley
68Richard ScaneSinclair
69Sian SkeltonWrockwardine Wood
70Karen SmithBowring
71Peter SpraggSinclair
72Robert SteventonShifnal
73Ian SturdyBylet
74Alex TurnbullBowring
75Graham TurnerShifnal
76Kate WainwrightBowring
77Ollie WallWrockwardine Wood
78David WallNewport
79Pauline WilsonBowring
80Mark WorthingtonDonnington Wood BC

Harris Cup Deadline in a Week

The deadline for the Harris Cup is in one week’s time on Friday 17th May.

Any team affiliated to the SCGBA can enter this competition.

It is a 5 home 5 away competition until the final, which is all played on a neutral green.

It is handicapped according to last season’s league postition, with Premier teams starting off at least -15 and then adding one point more to the handicap for each league position until a maximum -28 for the winners of the league.

The teams from the Mid Shropshire League start from scratch for the Division One Winners going up one point for each league placing.

Anyone entering outside of these two leagues will start off scratch if they are a division one side.

Any non Premier League team losing their first game can also enter into the Harris Shield competition.

It costs just £10 to enter each competition.

The round dates are as follows.

Harris Cup (Entries by 17th May)

Prelim 19th June (this can be moved if teams have players in the Isle of Man June Festival)

Last 16 10th July

Last 8 14th August                 

Last 4 28th August

Final 14th September

Harris Shield (Confirmation of Entries by 17th July)

Prelim 31st July

Last 8 14th August

Last 4 28th August                 

Final 14th September

Please let Rob Burroughs know on 07901 229623 or by email to [email protected] by end of Friday 17th May if you wish to enter your team.

The entries so far are below:

Allscott Heath A
Bowring A
Charlton A
Horsehay A
Madeley C C A
Newport A
Shifnal A
Shifnal B
Sinclair A
Sir J Bayley(P)
SJ Bayley A
Trench A
Wem U S C(P)
Worfield A
Wrock Wood A
Wrock Wood B
Wrockwardine Wood(P)

Senior Merit Deadline Tomorrow!

The deadline for the 2024 Senior Merit is end of tomorrow.

So far I have 60 entries, which are listed below. Please let me know if I have missed you off as I may well have done so.

The qualifiers are on Friday 17th May with the final 16 on Friday 28th June at a two green venue, both starting at 6.30 p.m.

Entry costs £5 and will be invoiced at the end of the season.

Please let Rob Burroughs know on 07901 229623 if you would like to enter.

You must have played two games in the league this season or 6 games last season (in any division or night) to be eligible, and not in the registered 12 of your Premier League team (for Bylet, Highley, Horsehay, St Georges, Sir John Bayley and Wrockwardine Wood).

The fields and greens will be released by Sunday evening on here.

1Anthony AldridgeMaddocks
2Martin BeddowHighley
3Paul BeerShifnal
4Steve BishtonBowring
5Graham BleakleyMadeley CC
6Roy BradburnSt Georges B.C.
7Stuart ChurchSinclair
8Harry ChurchSinclair
9John ClarkeWrockwardine Wood
10Rob ClarkeWrockwardine Wood
11David ClaytonHorsehay
12Daniel CorbettSinclair
13Louise CottonWrockwardine Wood
14Jonathan DaviesShifnal
15Mark DoodsonBowring
16Carleen Doody – MillingtonTrench
17Steve DownsWrockwardine Wood
18Ian EvansMadeley CC
19Darren FieldingSinclair
20Tony GarmsonWrockwardine Wood
21Allan GautWrockwardine Wood
22Chris GillNewport
23Simon HallSinclair
24David JamesShifnal
25Alasdair JarvisTrench
26Phil JonesWrockwardine Wood
27Karl LawMadeley CC
28Chris LodgeMadeley CC
29Darren LordSinclair
30Simon MadeleySinclair
31Nick MarshallBowring
32Peter MillingtonTrench
33Jamie MillmanSinclair
34Jordan MillmanSinclair
35Andy MorganShifnal
36Nick MullinderHadley USC
37Les MumfordMadeley CC
38Yvonne NeedhamSinclair
39Greg NeedhamSinclair
40Will OHaraSinclair
41Paul OsbourneTrench
42Shavorne OsbourneTrench
43Lisa PessallTrench
44John PotterSinclair
45Dave PriceHadley USC
46John RawlinsBowring
47Ann RawlinsBowring
48Georgia RawlinsBowring
49Paul ReevesShifnal
50Matthew RhodesSt Georges B.C.
51Tony RocheSJ Bayley
52Harry RyderShifnal
53Sian SkeltonWrockwardine Wood
54Karen SmithBowring
55Peter SpraggSinclair
56Robert SteventonShifnal
57Graham TurnerShifnal
58Ollie WallWrockwardine Wood
59Pauline WilsonBowring
60Mark WorthingtonDonnington Wood BC

Under 25 Merit Report

Jordan Millman became the youngest ever winner of the Under 25 Merit after beating Ed Proudlove in the final 16, a day after his 16th birthday. Ed had took an early 6-1 lead before Jordan went 9-6 up. It was then nip and tuck to 14 across when Jordan scored two doubles but Ed responded with one of his own. Jordan then scored three singles to see the game out and add this title to the Under 15 Merit he has won the last two seasons.

In the Semi Finals Jordan beat clubmate Harry Church 18. He was 14-8 down but then went 19-14 up and held on. Ed beat Tom Killen 12, going 11-5 up and holding off any fightback from Tom.

Quarter Finals:

Jordan Millman was 11-2 and 15-6 up on Akeel Duncan. Akeel got back to 16-11 down but Jordan kicked on again to win 17.

Harry Church was 13-3 up on Luke Morris and then 19-6. Luke got back to be 19-10 down but Harry got the two he needed.

Tom Killen was 10-1 down on Dan Corbett and then 13-6. But Tom went full corners and ran out.

Ed Proudlove was 12-5 up on Joe Killen but Joe got it back to 16-12 down. However Ed then ran out.

Well done to Jordan Millman on his success.

Thank you to Donnington Wood for hosting and providing an excellent tricky green to play on.

Thank you to those who measured and marked and supported the competition, and to the 8 who played, making it double the amount of entries from last season.

County President Brenda Slingo presents the trophy to Jordan Millman.
The two finalists Jordan Millman and Ed Proudlove with County President Brenda Slingo.
The 8 that took part tonight. Back from left: Luke Morris, Akeel Duncan, Tom Killen & Jordan Millman. Front from left: Dan Corbett, Ed Proudlove, Joe Killen & Harry Church.
Categorised as U25 Merit

Under 25 Merit on Wednesday

The Under 25 Merit will take place on Wednesday at Donnington Wood at 6.30 p.m. as we have 8 entries at the moment. I am happy to take entries till the end of today if anyone else wishes to enter with Rob Burroughs on 07901 229623.

Categorised as U25 Merit

Pictures from Dixon & Driscoll Doubles

Please find below pictures from our President Mike Potter which he kindly took at the Dixon & Driscoll Doubles.

Nat Moseley and Sally King with the trophy.
Competitions Secretary Rob Burroughs with the two finalists.
The four finalists with Competitions Secretary Rob Burroughs centre.
The Semi Finalists with Competitions Secretary Rob Burroughs. From left: Jamie & Phil King, Kevin & Ian Edwards, Nat Moseley & Sally King and John Davies & Scott Moseley.