Over 60s Merit Report

Paul Beer won the Over 60s Merit for the first time after he beat the previous winner Ian Gaut 20 in an epic final. He becomes the first player to win both the Senior and Over 60s Merit, and could be the first to win both in the same season after qualifying for the Senior Merit finals next month.

The final was nip and tuck until Paul led 7-4 and extended this lead to 13-7 and 15-9. Ian though fought back to 16 across and from 19-16 down went 20-19 up. Paul found a great last bowl to save game and then won with an 18 inch wood last end.

Both men were ruthless in their Semi Finals, both winning 6. Ian beat Steve Faulkner and Paul defeated Dave Price.

Thank you to Sir John Bayley who hosted, and to all 31 players who entered, a new record for the competition which only got 9 entries a few years ago. It will be back on the same weekend next year but this time played on two greens to speed up the day! Thank you to all those who measured and marked today, and for those who stayed on to watch the final.

Well done to Paul on his success and for Ian for being part of one of the best Mid Shropshire finals we’ve seen.

Competitions Secretary Rob Burroughs presents Paul Beer with the Jeff Hutchinson Trophy.
The four Semi Finalists with Competitions Secretary Rob Burroughs sitting or standing behind Jeff Hutchinson’s bench. Back from left: Paul Beer & Steve Faulkner. Front from left: Dave Price & Ian Gaut.

Quarter Finals:

Ian Gaut from 3-2 up on Pete Spragg went 10-2 and 16-3 ahead and won 5.

Steve Faulkner was 6-1 up on Roy Bradburn and then 11-6 ahead. Roy kept winning two ends to Steve’s one and went ahead at 19-18 up. But Steve got the three he needed.

Dave Price went 8-0 ahead of Graham Turner and then 14-3. Graham got back to 14-7 down but Dave ran out.

Paul Beer raced 11-3 up on Pat Minton but Pat with three runs of three ends got back to 17-16 down. But Paul ran out.

2nd Round:

Pete Spragg raced 13-0 up on Les Pritchard and won 6.

Ian Gaut went 11-3 up on Des Connelly and won 9.

Steve Faulkner was 12-8 ahead of John Clarke but then went 18-13 down. He won the block back and then ran out.

Roy Bradburn went 6-0 up on Allan Gaut but Allan got back to trail 10-9. However Roy ran out.

Graham Turner from 6-1 down on Louise Cotton went 7-6 up and then 17-12 up from 12-11 down. Louise got back to 17-16 down but Graham ran out.

Dave Price went 16-9 up on Kevin Edwards but Kevin got back to 16-13 however Dave won 16.

Paul Beer from 4 across went 10-4 and then 19-8 up to win 10.

Pat Minton was 10-8 down on Keith Pessall but then went 18-11 up. Keith got back to 18-16 down but Pat ran out.

1st Round:

Pete Spragg raced 12-2 up on Dave James but Dave got back to 15-11, however Pete ran out.

Les Pritchard from 9-5 up on Bill Grainger ran out.

Ian Gaut went 7-2 up on Graham Bleakley and then extended this to 16-9. However Graham got back to be 19-18 down but Ian got the two he needed.

Des Connelly was 11-10 down on Sue Connelly but only conceded one more.

Allan Gaut was 12-8 down on Pauline Wilson but then ran out.

Roy Bradburn was 3-0 down on John Kenworthy but then 12-3 up and won 8.

John Clarke was 12-5 down on Helen Clee but got back to 15-13 down and then ran out.

Steve Faulkner was 6-1 down on Mick Fudge but then 8-6 up. From 15-13 up he ran out.

Louise Cotton went 8-1 up on Phil Atkins and won 6.

Dave Price went 18-0 up on Tony Roche and won 4.

Kevin Edwards was 15-2 up on Dave Wall and despite Dave getting back to 16-10 down he ran out.

Paul Beer raced 18-0 up on Dave Evans and won 1.

Steve Corbett was only 11-10 up on Ian Edwards but then won 13.

Keith Pessall was 9-0 down on Mirjana Gaut but then went 14-9 up. From 14-12 up he won 14.

Pat Minton from 6-5 down on Jan Minton went 14-6 up. Jan got back to be 16-13 down but Pat pushed on to win 15.