Take Note!

Member clubs have already been given advance notice that League officers are considering holding an extra pre-season meeting ahead of the 2024 campaign.

Updating secretaries and team captains – old and new – about the rules passed at the AGM in January is a key reason, but there’s also the issues of safety and safeguarding.

And, just as important in terms of getting the message across, is the thorny issue of player conduct after at least one official complaint was received last season.

The League has had a Code of Conduct in place since 2017 – and it can be seen on this site under the Admin icon.

But now, a year later than promised, the sport’s governing body – the British Crown Green Bowling Association – has issued a Disciplinary Policy which they will now be enforcing.

It has been circulated to all affiliated leagues and clubs, and new National Administrator Jim McGurk said:  “It is important that this BCGBA Disciplinary Policy is communicated to all members of the association.”

And that means every single bowler!

 The policy can be read here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tw_LKl75NB-sQo6nN3JEZ2vEjaTRkJwn/view