First Move . . .

The League’s bid give new life to its Saturday Division has been launched.

In hibernation since 2019 due to the pandemic, the 4 singles-2 doubles division will have fixtures that start at 2pm.

“We already have interest from 4 clubs – Allscott Heath, Charlton, Sinclair and Worfield – in competing as they can see that a minimum of 4 bowlers are needed for matches !” said League general secretary Malcolm Fletcher.

And, in the first official re-launch move, he has now written to all clubs that have competed on Saturdays in the League in the last decade to see if they would be interested in rejoining.

“We are looking for a minimum of 6 teams to compete and, although I am obviously aware of the new ’48 hours before the March executive deadline’ for new team applications, I do feel we have a bit more time than that with regards to a potential Saturday Division,” he added.

“That’s because fixtures probably won’t have to start until May so we do have the April meeting to garner interest and then make a final decision about going ahead – or not.”