Mid Shropshire Individual Competitions

Please find below some of the dates for our Individual Competitions. The dates for the Senior, Monday and Thursdays Merits will be decided once the structure of the leagues are decided at the March Meeting. The Under 25 Merit date will be confirmed by the March meeting.

The competitions below are enter on the day, but you can enter with Rob Burroughs on 07901 229623 before the day if you wish.

Payment is again invoiced at the end of the season to clubs like last season.

Dixon & Driscoll Doubles – Sunday 28th April at Allscott Heath at 10 a.m.

Over 60s Merit – Saturday 18th May at Sir John Bayley at 2 p.m.

Mixed Doubles – Sunday 23rd June at 10 a.m. at Bridgnorth.

Junior Day (Under 15/18 Merit & Possibly Fletcher Junior Doubles) – Saturday 22nd June at 10 a.m.