Votes Aplenty

It’s going to be a numbers game at the League’s AGM tonight (Tuesday 23rd January) at Wellington’s Sir John Bayley Club (7pm start).

But delegates won’t need to bring their calculators with them – what they have to consider is how the League accommodate the number of teams applying to join it for the 2024 season, the huge number of rule change proposals on the agenda and the reaction to a £183 loss on 2023.

A move to make to make first division matches 11-a-side rather than 10 – and get back to 12-a-side in 2025 – will also be discussed.

There’s also how the League copes with Horsehay’s successful application to join the Shropshire Premier League after a re-taken vote at its AGM last week.

“Fixture secretary John Palmer will report on how we respond to that but, in terms of applications to join the League, it is very encouraging at this early stage,” said general secretary Malcolm Fletcher.

“And while it’s not the sexiest thing in sport to debate potential rule changes, the officers have carried out the most comprehensive review of them since I became general secretary 13 years ago, including a complete revamp of those for all the competitions.”

Two brand new comps and the launch of new Afternoon Division were part of a successful 2023 campaign – and the League hopes to re-launch its Saturday Division this year.

All officers are standing for re-election and they are already looking forward to the formal nomination of Brenda Slingo to serve as County President for 2024 early next month.


 1  Chairman’s opening address – followed by Apologies & In Memoria

2  Minutes of the 2023 AGM

3  Matters arising

4  President’s Report

5  General Secretary’s Report

6  Treasurer’s Report (accounts circulated with agenda)

6 (a) Auditor’s Observations

7  Fixture Secretary’s Report

8  Competition Secretary’s Report (and 2024 dates circulated with agenda)

9  Proposals for Rule Changes

10 Honoraria (CPI 6.7% in September and delegates agreed Honoria for 2023 should rise by this amount)

11 Election of Officers

12 Any Other Business – at the discretion of the chairman 

Note: Each club is entitled to one vote. All decisions shall be by a simple majority. Clubs not represented at the AGM will be fined £5 as per Management rule 6 (e).