Clubs Urged

Fixture Secretary John Palmer’s Report to the League’s July Executive Meeting:

We’re almost halfway through the season now and I’d like all clubs to review their player ‘starrings’.

It’s always a bit of a punt to do this before the season starts and I know that circumstances change. Thanks to those that have already done so.

The season has been running pretty smoothly, or it was until  the weather wiped out all last Thursday’s fixtures (30th June).  I’m still waiting for those to be re-arranged.

 A small number of other matches have been postponed, some due to Covid, but all have agreed re-arranged dates.

It’s encouraging to see quite a number of new player registrations, almost 50 since the start of the season – and over 40 have played in the League, even though it’s been keeping me busy.

One further transfer has been agreed – Annette Harding from Hadley USC to Trench. As the ‘transfer window’ has now expired (cut-off date 30th June), the following £5 transfer fees are now due: one from Newport and two from Trench.

Just to remind everyone, tonight’s meeting is the cut-off date after which any new registrations need to be approved by the Management/Executive Committee as per League rule 5. As there’s no August meeting, your options may well be limited.

Unfortunately, two clubs will receive fines this month for walkovers:

  • 13th – Monday Division 6. Madeley CC ‘D’ v Newport ‘D’. Madeley fined £5.
  • 24th – Friday Division 1. Sinclair ‘A’ v Bylet ‘A’. I played in this match, this was caused by late unavailability due to Covid. Bylet fined £5.

Mike Beckett’s results service seems to have settled down now after his server move and software updates.

I’ve only had to contact him once recently relating to Highley appearing to lose their Monday players after I made a change to their named Premier 12 – at their request. This was due to the unusual situation in that Highley don’t have a Friday team. Mike sorted this out quickly.