Welcome Aboard!

Welcome, one and all, to the League’s bright, new and more user friendly website.

Sincere thanks go to webmaster Steve Wall for his work on this project, completed in under a week. In effect the website has moved platforms from Google Sites to WordPress, but retraining the domain name of www.midshrop.co.uk

There are still tweaks to be made, including the ability to view minutes of meetings that have been passed as a true record, and other improvements officers want to see – so please bear with us.

For now though, welcome aboard and enjoy!

Just a couple of reminders . . . the League’s AGM, scheduled to have been on Monday 17th January and in person at SJBC, has been postponed due to the latest wave of positive Covid cases.

The plan now, based on the prediction that the current spike will pass quite quickly, is to organise an ordinary management committee meeting in mid February, probably via Zoom, to touch bases with member clubs.

At this meeting we would look to set a firm date for an in person AGM, which your officers feel is vital ahead of the 2022 season given the votes on rule change proposals that have to be made.

And to finish with some good news, Molson Coors have finally confirmed that the £300 sponsorship deal, agreed for the pandemic curtailed 2021 season, will be paid at the end of the current quarter, when talks on a new deal for 2022 will begin.

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AGM Off – For Now

I’m sure it won’t come as a big surprise but, in the light of the latest Covid wave, the League’s officers have decided to postpone the AGM that was scheduled to be on Monday 17th January and in person at SJBC.

Officials of member clubs have already been contacted direct with this news, but the reasons to cancel became overwhelming in the last few days.

And given that clubs will be asked to vote on playing numbers for the forthcoming season at the AGM, it makes sense to put it back to the date of the normal March executive (Tuesday the 1st) – at the earliest!

The plan now, based on the prediction that this current spike in positive cases will peak and pass quite quickly, is to organise an ordinary management committee meeting in mid February, probably via Zoom, to touch bases with member clubs.

At this meeting we would look to set a firm date for an in person AGM, which your officers feel is vital ahead of the 2022 season.

I hope you all understand and agree with this move – we just know clubs cannot make important decisions without having a much better idea of how many they are going to have bowling for them this year.

Malcolm Fletcher – general secretary

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New Comps Page

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New Year – New Faces

At the dawn of 2022, the League’s officers would like to wish all MSBL bowlers, their families and friends a very happy New Year.

Everyone hopes we will be able to get back to some kind of pre-pandemic normal, but there remains doubt as to what the new Covid variant might have in store for – although the early signs are thankfully hopeful.

What is not in doubt is that there is a need for new faces on the team that runs the League in 2022.

For Fixture Secretary Ric Hudson and Vice-Chairman David Evans have informed the general secretary that they will not be standing for election at the League’s AGM – whenever it is held.

Many of you will have read in the Christmas message on this website that the League’s officers are monitoring the Covid situation very closely with a view to making plans for 2022.

And they will be making a decision before next weekend as to whether the AGM goes ahead in person on Monday 17th January, is held virtually that night or even delayed a little.

Given the rule change proposals that are due to be voted on at the annual meeting, a delay would give clubs more time to assess playing numbers for a forthcoming season that is scheduled to start in April.

Member clubs will be kept informed directly by email of any firm decisions, but for now, keep safe and here’s sending everyone very best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

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Potential Presents


Delegates of member clubs were given plenty to think about over the festive period at the League’s December management meeting.

The last meeting of 2021 ended with a presentation by Chris Child and Amy Ruffell-Hazell of Energize, outlining the exiting potential of a new £3.5m Sport England funding opportunity in the West Midlands linked to the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It’s called Places & Spaces (https://www.sportengland.org/how-we-can-help/our-funds/places-and-spaces) and is a crowdfunding programme with awards up to £10,000 match funding for projects.

It is capital based, so anything facility or fixed fittings will be considered, and requires setting up and coordinating on the online Crowdfunder page.

More potential good news for clubs is that the League has agreed a two-year sponsorship of a new website that is being designed – worth £100 per annum – with Local Print Pros.

And the Telford-based company is offering clubs things like low cost embroidery; good turnaround flexibility, local drop off and collection; individual club and team sponsorship.

Said Streve Reeves of the company: “Any club signing up to our Team Page will receive: Free Embroidery Setup; a dedicated Team Page hosted on our website, where players can individually purchase the club’s playing shirts, showerproofs, jumpers, fleeces etc whatever the club chooses to list on there; £1 off every garment in exchange for our logo on the arm of garments brought.

“If anyone has any questions they are welcome to email me steve@localprintpros.co.uk

Other points from the meeting – numerous League trophies won in 2019 still need returning to comps sec Phil King;

DBS renewals or applications in 2022 to be done via Zoom on February 12 or 26;

Big Bowls Weekend 2022 will be between May 27 and 29;

3 new Life Members will be inducted at the AGM on Monday 17th January.

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Early Cracker

It promises to be a cracking December management committee meeting on Tuesday the 7th.

For besides the ordinary League business to be dealt with, the meeting should end on a real pre-Christmas high.

A team from Energize led by Chris Child will be attending to talk about improving Bowls Facilities (and they will be more than happy to talk to club officials about grants etc etc after the meeting)

Their slot on the agenda will be followed by a development and coaching update from SCGBA officer Pauline Wilson, who is eager to get even more clubs taking part in the second Big Bowls Weekend in 2022.

And potential League sponsor Local Print Pros will be represented by Steve Reeves to outline what deals they can also off toe member clubs in terms of clothing, sings, logos etc etc

So League officers are urging clubs to do their utmost to be represented on Tuesday – when all trophies won in 2019 should be returned to Phil King please


1  Chairman’s remarks to open the meeting

2 Apologies & In Memoria

3 Minutes of the November Management Committee Meeting 

4 Matters arising

5 General Secretary’s report

6 Correspondence

7 Treasurer’s report 

8 Competition Secretary’s report – all trophies MUST be returned before / at this meeting

9 Fixture Secretary’s report 

10 Rule Change Proposals for 2022 AGM – see attached

11 Planning for 2022 and the League’s 90th Anniversary

12 County matters – report from executive meeting on 15th November


13 Bowls Facility Development – Chris Child & his Energize team

14 County Development & Coaching – Pauline Wilson

15 Any Other Business

16 President / chairman to close the meeting

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 2022 AGM on Monday 17th January at SJBC at 7pm

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Working Towards New Posts

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Time to Think

The rule change proposals that will voted on at the 2022 MSBL’s AGM on Monday 17th January at Wellington’s Bayley Club (7pm) have already been sent to member clubs.

But it’s only right that all the League’s bowlers get the chance to see them and talk them over – and if they have strong views they should relay them to their clubs 

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